Directed Readings in Accounting/Taxation

Applies to ACCT 4389, ACCT 8389 and TX 8391

Course Description & Prerequisites

These courses allow the supervised study of a specialized area not provided in the regular curriculum or provides a supervised study of a topical area of varied length, i.e., one to three semester hours. An arrangement must be made with a full-time faculty member to sponsor a student’s research.

ACCT 4389

  • Prerequisite: ACCT 2101, and ACCT 2102 with grade of B or higher; and
  • Consent of instructor; and
  • Must meet RCB upper division course requirements and 45 semester hours.

ACCT 8389

  • Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor, good academic standing.

TX 8389

  • Prerequisite: TX 8020 and TX 8030; and
  • Consent of instructor;
  • Good academic standing.

Course Approval

Step 1: Identify Accounting or Taxation Topic

If you wish to be approved for registering for the Directed Readings course:

  1. Identify the accounting topics that you propose to study – the topics must not be covered in any other courses in the accounting department or any other GSU classes.
  2. Identify all the material (books, monographs, research articles, etc.) that you propose studying.

Step 2: Initial Approval of Topic

After identifying those topics and materials, submit to the School of Accountancy Director for review regarding appropriateness and sufficiency.

Step 3: Identify and Recruit a Supervising Professor

If approved, you must find an accounting professor willing to design a course syllabus for the course, including grading components (e.g., exams (nature and dates), project descriptions (nature and due dates), presentations, etc.) and grading criteria.  In other words, the professor must design an appropriate course syllabus. The professor must be well versed in the topics so they can reasonably evaluate your performance.

Step 4: Approval of Syllabus and Supervising Professor

After the proposed syllabus is developed, it must be submitted to the School of Accountancy Director for review and possible approval by the prescribed University registration deadlines.